Bike Stop Jersey Design

As an avid cyclist I've developed a great relationship with a local bike shop. Several years ago I agreed to work on a new jersey design for the store's 20th anniversary. Five years and four designs later I'm still at it and the streets are now teeming with the iconic Bike Stop Jerseys.

© Bike Stop / Ryan Etter
2013 Bike Stop Jersey Design Celebrating 25 years.
The 2013 design marks a return to the traditional Bike Stop color scheme. Although the black and blue editions from 2010 were a huge hit for cyclists, most agreed that the bright colors are essential for visibility and safety.
2010 Bike Stop Jersey Design - Black Edition.
Both the black and blue editions were a big hit with cyclists.
2010 Bike Stop Jersey Design - Blue Edition.
2008 Bike Stop Jersey Design. This was my first design which set the benchmark for later designs.
Run in 2012, The womens' designs were based on the 2008 design.
20th and 25th Anniversary Logos.
25th Anniversary runner ups...
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